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How to Verify the Authenticity of the Product?

Please pay attention to the BOYA logo information on the packaging box.

1.Old BOYA Logo

If the logo information is on the packaging box of the product you purchased, please refer to the video guide below for verification.

2.New BOYA Logo Certificated BOYA products are equipped with anti-counterfeit SN codes on both the bottom of the packaging box and on the product. Any SN code can be checked for authenticity on the BOYA official website.

If you purchased a packaging box with this logo information, find the 13-digit product SN code starting with BY at the bottom of the packaging box, and enter it to query

1.Please pay attention to the 13-digit SN code starting with "BY" on the bottom of the packaging box. Enter this code to check for authenticity.
2.After opening the product packaging, the product body has a QR code printed on it. Any browser with scanning function can scan the code to obtain the SN code information. Enter this code to check for authenticity as well.
3.To ensure the reliability of the search results, it is recommended that you verify multiple anti-counterfeit codes.

Please be advised not to repeatedly verify the same SN code. If the number of duplicate queries exceeds 5 times, the system will prompt you that the product is counterfeit. If you have any questions, please contact the official after-sales service at Thank you for your support of BOYA!

Click on the video to view the operation