Mininature Condenser Microphone

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Ideal for recording, smartphone vlogs etc.
  • Ultra-compact and portable.
  • Up to 180 degrees rotatable mic head.
  • Plug-and-play operation.
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Apple MFI certified Lightning connector.
  • 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response.
  • Foam windscreen included.
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Product Introduction

The BOYA BY-M100D is a plug-and-play miniature microphone which is ideal for Vlog, mobile video content and upgrading the sound capture quality of your iOS devices. High-quality Capsule Capturing and Delivering Detailed Sounds Featuring an omnidirectional polar pattern capsule, it captures every last sound from 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response in a 360-degree range and delivers them to your iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) directly via its Apple MFI certified Lightning connector. 180-degree Rotating Head for Using Flexibly It can be rotated up to 180 degrees for quick and optimal position. With a custom foam windscreen, it helps to reduce wind noise.

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BY-M100D Mininature Condenser Microphone